Jewelry Care

Jewelry is made to be worn and enjoyed. Like everything else, it can also experience wear over time. Below we have created a list of common items and listed some methods for proper cleaning and care.

Gold and Platinum

To preserve the polish of your gold and platinum jewelry, avoid exposure to household cleaning products and bleach. We recommend using cleaner that is made specifically for jewelry to avoid any corrosion or damage.

Sterling Silver

Avoid exposure to household cleaning products and bleach. Sterling should be cleaned with a jewelry-specific cleaner and can be polished with a silver polishing cloth. In addition, silver can be rhodium plated for a long-lasting shine.


For metal bracelets and water-resistant cases, clean with a soft brush and soapy water then dry with a soft cloth. Always avoid exposure to salt water and make sure the crown is tightened against the case when near water. If you have a leather band, avoid any moisture.

Gemstones and Pearls

Gemstones have a variety of qualities that make some more or less durable than others. The best way to clean any stones is to use a dedicated jewelry cleaner. These will be delicate enough to not damage stones but also strong enough to thoroughly clean.

Looking to have your jewelry professionally cleaned? We are here to help! Drop by anytime during store hours and we can make your pieces shine.


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